SRG Global

Our Purpose


What we stand for

Our success won’t be determined by our capability. We have the capability. What’s going to make the difference is how we live and breathe the SRG Global Way. The principles that guide how we act as an organisation each and every day: Live for the challenge; Smarter together; Never give up; Have each other’s backs.

Our Purpose


Live for the challenge

We live to solve problems and have the courage to challenge the status quo and what’s considered possible.

Smarter together

Individually, we’re all pretty smart but when we pool our resources and work together as one, we’re capable of taking on the world.

Never give up

We’re doers. We are resilient and relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do. 100 accountability, zero excuses.

Have each other’s backs

We’re stronger as one team. We look out for each other and keep each other out of harm’s way.