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Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project

South Africa

Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project

WBHO completed a 21km upgrade of South Africa’s National Route 1.

With over 180,000 vehicles daily, the N1 is the Southern Hemisphere’s busiest road. WBHO’s scope of works included Key project components included:

  • The existing, 13.4m-wide median was utilised to provide a fourth lane in each direction, with full shoulder lanes
  • At all interchange approaches, an auxiliary lane was provided, with lengths from ramp yellow breakline point varying between 300m to 500m
  • WBHO constructed a variety of retaining wall structures for retaining earth and for drainage
  • Delivery of nine bridges (either newly constructed or upgrades to existing bridges). Bridges included road-over-rail, road-over-river and a pedestrian bridge. To minimise disruption, bridge construction methodology included offsite prefabrication
  • 10,000m2 of retaining walls, 38,000 linear metres of soil and rock anchors and piling work.

WBHO completed the work well ahead of schedule, despite the inclusion of a number of variations during the project period.


Level 10
580 St Kilda Rd
VIC 3004
P: 03 9692 7100

Ground Floor
85 McLachlan Ave
Rushcutters Bay
NSW 2011

Level 9
120 Edward St
QLD 4001
P: 07 3073 9093

Level 10
Australia Place
15-17 William St
WA 6000
PO Box Z5192
St Georges Terrace
WA 6831
P: 08 6229 3700
F: 08 6229 3750

45 Hope Valley Rd
Naval Base
WA 6165
PO Box 202
Kwinana WA 6966
P: 08 9410 2100
F: 08 9410 2387

475 Edward Rd
WA 6530
P: 08 9923 7000
F: 08 9923 7050

12 Kershaw Street
WA 6280