We are in it together.


At WBHO, community engagement is a collaborative partnership that benefits both local communities and clients. It is an extension of how we work together within project teams and with clients and stakeholders. Rather than adopting an ‘us and them’ approach, we consider the inclusion of community input as essential to project success.

Both structured and informal collaboration with community groups and individuals enables the integration of community requirements, concerns and aspirations into decision-making, planning and delivery.

We work with the community to:

  • Address impacts – we strive to mitigate, reduce and appropriately manage impacts on local communities
  • Add value – we seek opportunities to provide support and develop positive legacies for the communities in which we work.

Our efforts to add value to the community are often outside contractual scope, but help foster community buy-in and support the enduring success of a project. Our community engagement supports our overall approach to each of our projects – to exceed client requirements and leave a positive legacy for all.


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